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Your Work Requestor should bring the power of Maximo to everyone in your company without requiring them to know anything about Maximo, or even what Maximo is.


SuiteReq was first released more than 10 years ago for a multinational manufacturing company using Maximo version 5.2. Since then, SuiteReq been deployed across the industries on every major version including 7.5 and 7.6. SuiteReq customers range from single site organizations to multinational global instances.


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SuiteReq can capture and manage requests involving any Maximo Business Objects (MBO) such as:

SuiteReq is the Work Request tool that brings Maximo to the Masses. As a Wizard designed, web-based tool, SuiteReq allows your company to capture the most current accurate information from the work force and translates it to Maximo. Unlike other requestor tools, SuiteReq is designed with the non-Maximo user in mind. Requiring little to no training, SuiteReq is deployed rapidly and able to be configured as needed. As business drivers or processes evolve, you’re able to make on-the-fly changes in as little as 5 minutes.

When maintenance & operations staff, receive requests for work or to add new assets and items, considerable effort is wasted because the data that’s collected can be incomplete, non-standard, or duplicated. Maintenance Planners end up spending too much time in back-and-forth dialogs with End Users to clarify or correct misinformation and even eliminate redundant requests. Likewise, Maximo Administrators waste time clarifying and validating the details about on-boarding new assets or items, particularly in certain industries where the asset on-boarding process typically involves multiple departments like Validation, Calibration, Engineering, System Owners, etc.

These challenges can have a negative affect in reducing fix times and completing accurate failure analysis, thus driving up costs and the number of unhappy end users. End Users in a Maximo environment need an effective solution that creates Maximo Work Orders, Assets, and Items with accurate, standard, and validated information.

EDI SuiteReq has been developed to solve these problems. A J2EE, web-based tool that asks the End Users the right questions utilizing customer-specific drop-down lists and limiting fields that are not relevant. The wizard-driven format guides End Users through a series of screens presenting the right categories and classifications to ensure data quality while leveraging electronic workflow in Maximo to improve process efficiency.

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EDI SuiteReq promotes the capture of more thorough information based on the first End User selection of the Work Category. The End User is warned if the entry that’s created is a duplicate and it allows them to manage their own list of requests in “My Requests.” Once all of the pertinent information is collected, EDI SuiteReq forwards the request to a Maximo User who then creates and approves a Work Order directly in Maximo.

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When Work Orders are created in Maximo, it’s critical that the naming conventions, groups, formatting, and content are standardized. By appropriately recording this information, you can analyze various statistics through Maximo regarding your maintenance processes including service times, part inventories, work scheduling, etc. based on standardized failure codes. Accurate information and standardized failure codes can help you achieve true maintenance best practices to drive down costs and improve efficiencies.

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