Course Description

This course focuses on the installation, set up, and maintenance of Maximo 6. The course begins with the installation of Maximo 6 without data. From here, the many different data elements needed to be established and maintained are reviewed. This includes the creations of organizations and sites, the setting of system properties and errors logging, the creations of database objects and applications, and the modification and creation of domains. In support of these data elements, reports and data integration with external systems must be reviewed. In the end, an attendee will leave with a strong understanding of the important components necessary to support Maximo in an organization.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

The course will benefit anyone responsible for configuring and maintaining the Maximo system. This will include system administrators, database administrators, programmers, report writers and others supporting Maximo.

Skills Taught

  • Install Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Program
  • Modify system properties and error logging
  • Alter important files used by Maximo
  • Modify objects within Maximo
  • Create and customize applications
  • Update default settings maintained within administrative applications within Maximo
  • Develop workflows and escalations for process automation
  • Understand the basic structure of the database utilized by Maximo
  • Describe the Maximo database, ERD, and how data is loaded
  • Navigate an application server related to Maximo operation

Course Outline

  • Maximo 6 Installation
  • Configuration of Files and Rebuilding of EAR files
  • Setup of Administrative Applications
  • Modification and Creation of Domains Including Table and Crossover Domains
  • Customization and Creation of Database Objects
  • Customization and Creations of Applications
  • Develop Workflows and Escalations to Support Maximo Operations
  • Review of Reporting Ability
  • Review of Data Integration with External Systems

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