Course Description

This course reviews the core Purchasing applications within Maximo along with tie-ins to many other applications and business processes. There will be a comprehensive review of the purchasing process starting with an option for Users to generate their own requests through the Self-Service Module by making a Desktop Requisition. From here, a Purchase Request becomes Purchase Order which eventually requires the Receipt of items and Invoice management. Often, data integration is required to tie a Purchase Order with an external Purchasing program. This process is also detailed.

There is a review of additional options including Requests for Quotations from vendors, functionality available within the Contracts module, and more. A main focus throughout the course involves the role of Purchasing within the Work Management process.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Individuals responsible for reviewing and approving purchase requests within Maximo will benefit from this course. Storeroom professionals, whether they approve purchase requests or not, will benefit by understanding the many tie-ins between Inventory and Purchasing. Anyone whose work is dependent on the purchase of items will gain insight in to what’s involved in obtaining work items.

Skills Taught

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Ability to review a Material Request through the Self-Service module / Desktop Requisition application.
  • Knowledge of the processes involved in generating Purchase Requests through the reordering of direct issue and stocked items.
  • Understanding components involved within a Purchase Request including priorities, purchasing line items, and purchase costs.
  • Knowledge of the Purchase Requisition approval process and Purchase Order generation.
  • Ability to generate a Request for Quotation from a Purchase Request.
  • Ability and knowledge of the process involved in converting a Purchase Request in to a Purchase Contract.
  • Knowledge of the Purchase Order approval process including an understanding of elements within a Purchase Order such as Purchase Order lines and Purchase Order costs.
  • Understanding of the process involved in Receiving Items, Rotating Assets, and Services and impacts on inventory and work.
  • Knowledge of the Invoice application and how to achieve a “3 to 1″ match in Maximo verifying accurate purchasing information.
  • Ability to perform Vendor management activities within Maximo.
  • Knowledge of key Purchasing defaults set in the Organizations application including knowledge of Tax set-up within Maximo.
  • Understanding of Data Integration requirements when passing Purchasing information to a “third party” program such as Oracle Financials.

Course Outline

Purchasing Concepts and Best Practices

  • Course Overview
  • Purchasing Roles / Tie-ins with Maximo
  • The Purchasing Lifecycle
  • Best Practices in Purchasing

Purchasing Defaults / Organizations Application

  • Purchase Order Options and Impacts
  • Associating Terms and Properties with Contracts
  • Setting up Tax Levels
  • Labor and Invoice Options

Self-Service / Desktop Requisitions

  • Entry of Header Information Including Priorities and Charge Information
  • Multiple Options for Adding Requisition Lines and Item Attributes
  • Material Request Reviews

Purchase Requisitions

  • Purchase Requisition Generation from Reorder Process
  • Setting Priorities and Dates – Implications
  • Creating and Modifying Purchase Request Line Items.
  • Costing on a Purchase Request
  • Inspection Required, Copy to RFQ, and Additional Options
  • Establishing Shipping and Billing Contacts
  • Creating and Inserting Terms and Conditions
  • Classifying Purchase Requests for Reporting and Categorization
  • Status of Purchase Requests

Purchase Orders

  • Adding and Configuring Purchase Order Lines
  • Managing Purchase Order Costs and Reviewing Relationships to Other Processes
  • Review Purchase Order Approval Process


  • Receiving Ordered Items
  • Receiving Ordered Services
  • Inspection of Items upon Receipt
  • Receiving Rotating Assets
  • Returning Items or Assets
  • Impact of Receipts on Work Orders and Inventory
  • Receiving Items Shipped from Another Storeroom

Invoice Reconciliation

  • Invoice Details, Dates, Costs
  • Adding Invoice Lines and Adjusting Line Costs
  • Invoice Approval Process and Status Levels
  • Three to One Match:  Invoice, Purchase Order, and Receipt

Request for Quotations and Vendor Bid Approvals

  • Entering RFQ Lines for Items Including Details for the Lines
  • Identifying Vendors to Participate in Quotation Process and Any Applicable Terms
  • Receiving Vendor Quotes, Entering Details, and Awarding Vendors with a Purchase

Companies and Vendor Management

  • Courier, Manufacturer, and Vendor Identification
  • Entering Vendor Details Payment Methods and Shipment Details
  • Vendor Branch Identification and Implications

Contracts Management

  • Blanket, Price, and Purchase Contracts
  • Controls Provided by Contracts on Purchase of Items
  • Entry of Terms and Conditions
  • Generation of Purchases from Contracts

Purchasing and Integration with External Systems

  • Purchase Object Structures
  • Exporting Purchasing Information and Customizing Exported Data
  • Importing Purchasing Information and Customizing Imported Data

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