Course Description

This course covers front-end report functionality as well as the creations of reports through Eclipse. On the front-end, robust features are available to create Query Based Reports (QBRs). This allows end users to generate complex reports accessing numerous Maximo objects. In addition, you’ll fully understand how to administer reporting on the front end. The course primarily will focus on the creation of reports using the Eclipse report development tool. These reports will then be imported in to Maximo with appropriate security rights established.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Report writers tasked with creating simple to more complex reports will benefit from this course. System administrators will also benefit from this course learning report administration and security concerns.

Skills Taught

  • Modify system properties as necessary
  • Establishing QBE (Query by Example) statements within Maximo
  • Develop QBRs within Maximo
  • Create simple and more complex reports
  • Understand the file structure of reports behind the scenes
  • Establish security settings restricting or opening access to reports

Course Outline

  • Maximo 7.6 Integrated Reporting Overview
  • Developing queries and downloading queries (a form of reporting)
  • Business Only Reporting (BROS) Requirements (separate reporting server)
  • Report criteria collection
  • Report Data Types in Maximo and BIRT
  • Creating a Simple List Report
  • Creating a Grouped Report
  • Creating a Report with Graphical Elements
  • Creating a Report with multiple Subreports
  • Report Libraries and Properties Behind the Scenes
  • Importing Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • Report debugging

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